A Movie Moment

Being a little girl in the 80’s was fantastic for watching movies. It was the era of high school movies, which I fervently believed were speaking the truth about teenage life. I was young enough to believe my life would unfold the same way. My beauty and fashion goals were modeled after Cindi Mancini from “Can’t Buy Me Love”. Who can forget the suede fringe outfit for the back to school party?

can't buy me love

Sadly, by the time I made it to high school, it was all about grunge and bobbed haircuts. At least there still were cheerleading uniforms involved…My other favorites were Lucas, Some Kind of Wonderful, Just One of the Guys, Sixteen Candles, and Karate Kid (Pat and I still practice the crow kick now and then). These movies replaced Disney fairy tales with their cool factor. I never wanted to act in the movies, but I wanted to LIVE inside of them; in their world. Every street was quaint and beautiful. Life was visually perfect in the movies. Beauty like that does not seem to exist in day to day life, but there is a restaurant on a certain street that embodies that perfect movie moment; Julienne’s on Mission Street in San Marino, CA.

julienne's 2

Everything about it is picturesque. It is on a charming street with quaint boutiques, and as you come upon the restaurant, you are greeted by cheerful vines and pots of botanical beauty. Twinkling white lights welcome you inside, and it is a hard pressed decision to sit inside or outside because both are interesting. Their breakfast is better than lunch, and starting the morning off in this fashion makes the day more exciting anyhow. I do not fully know what a currant is, but it is fantastic in the house toast.

currant toast

I have yet to have a bad breakfast there! After eating, a trip through the gift shop/bakery is a must. Everything from coffee table fashion books to citrus mint soap is available, and you have to take home a baked treat for later.


The experience tends to linger throughout the day in my mind, just like a good movie. Julienne’s is a luxury in my life because it allows me to finally step into that perfect movie life.


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