Put The Little One In!

polly pic

I played T-ball when I was little.  Eye/hand sports have never been my strong suit and T-ball was a slow starter for me.  I wasn’t very interested in the defensive aspect of the game and spent a lot of time in right field.  I was prone to twirling, singing, and cartwheeling during my time in the outfield.  For obvious reasons, I was not an MVP on the team.  My grandmother was serious about sports and travelled a great distance to watch my games.  I spent one game mostly on the bench and my grandmother finally stood up in the stands and yelled, “Put the little one in!”  I don’t know if they actually put me in or not, but I am impressed by my grandmother’s cojones with the coach.  A few years later when I was 10, she was able to attend a gymnastics meet and I placed 3rd in the overall with a score of 32.5.  I was so proud and excited because it was my VERY first trophy.  A couple minutes after receiving it during the medals ceremony, they called me to the side.  They had miscalculated and another girl scored a 32.55, bumping me to 4th place and they asked me to give the trophy back to them so she could have it. I started sobbing and my grandmother went after the officials.  “How dare they ask for the trophy back.  It was THEIR mistake and they should have another trophy made.” Etc. Etc.  I knew from that moment that my grandmother had my back and that I was unbelievably lucky to have her in my life.

My grandmother, Polly, died August 1, surrounded by her family.  The tiny one and I had the most incredible month with her out at the rehab center where she spent the last part of her life.   We were able to spend time with her and brighten our days.  The tiny one is very social and crawled into nearby rooms to make more friends and everyone agreed my grandmother had a delightful great grandson.  She was very proud of this, as was I.  My son and my grandmother shared a birthday.  They were born 95 years apart and this fact bonded them, even though he is too young to really know it.  Family has always been the most important aspect of my grandmother’s life, and T being born on her day was something special.  I learned that carnations were her favorite flower and orchid pink was her favorite color.  It was nice that the relationship had matured so that I could learn about her instead of being the child and always letting conversation revolve around me.  She was an incredible matriarch of our family and will be greatly missed.  Here are things I learned from her over my lifetime.

  • Stand up for what you believe.  If you get kicked out of a game, so be it.  There will be others.
  • Free samples are awesome.  Ask for them.
  • Save your money for your family.
  • Eat your dinner.  Not everyone gets to have it.
  • Only your family will be there for you 100%.
  • Be there for them.  Listen to them.  Keep their secrets.
  • Don’t forget someone’s birthday.
  • You should not tell your sibling that their child is a ‘ho’.
  • Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player.  Period.

I would say rest in peace, but go get ‘em is a much better interpretation when it comes to my grandmother.  I am so proud to be her granddaughter.  Polly Goeschel Volz, you are missed and celebrated.

One thought on “Put The Little One In!

  1. This is fantastic! I want to be that grandmother – Put the little one in! And “you should not tell your siblings that their child is a ho.” Priceless. I’m sorry for you loss, but I’m jealous of you too – what a great gift you had. Have a happy week. A.

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