Let Me Learn From My Tiny One

I read an article last week, and many accompanying comments, about the moral wrongness of in vitro fertilization. There are topics so personal that you will not be able to change a person’s mind, and this is probably one of them. I cried while personalizing the comments, envisioning the tiny one while thinking about each word, but then realized that it bears no weight in my small world. I thought about it again today while watching my child, who was conceived in a scientific yet completely loving union, squeal with delight when he first saw the moon appear in the late afternoon. The love that overflowed from my heart for him took away any anger I felt reading those words. Seeing his innocence and pure joy in so many moments of his day made me feel silly for even spending a minute in anger over words written by a faceless stranger. I am not patient. I am not always open-minded. I judge. The only difference this time was my view point and its gentler stance, in that moment, in that situation. I am not different than “those people.” But right now, my child is different, is kind, is gentle. Let me see from the view of that sweet child.



One thought on “Let Me Learn From My Tiny One

  1. Oh…sweet boy. I do not understand the moral wrongness of In Vitro. Goodness. I’m so glad you have your baby; we will all benefit from it 🙂 Also, I’m working harder at seeing things from different points of view, too, and sometimes it takes a really hard experience to really see it.

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