Is It Crossing the Line?

We have a tooth issue. I am aware that this will be an anthill and not a mountain in terms of parenting, but it is where we are, and I am enjoying this small, small moment. My T is 4 and 3/4. He had 8 teeth by 8 months. The average first tooth bursts through at 7 months. Our dentist said he has advanced tooth development; I pray this influences his brain but not puberty. Dear Lord, please not advanced puberty. I still have vivid images of the story of an advanced cousin in his daddy’s Cadillac at age 13….no, not advanced puberty in this house. Anyhow, his first tooth became loose at age 3.5. It was so unusual that he had his first x-rays at this early age and all those big ole adult teeth were right there, waiting patiently to rear their jagged heads.

Preschool was an adjustment for my little man. His teachers rarely got to see him in his full glory as he was busy watching and not talking. During snack time mid school year, his first tooth fell. When I picked him up, he saw me and burst into tears—inconsolable, preschool angst ridden tears. Selfishly, I panicked for a moment worried that his teachers would think I was abusing him, but I quickly realized this was not about me and was a parenting moment.


He settled down at home and definitely wanted the tooth fairy to come, but he did NOT want the creepy tiny flying thing visiting his room while he slept. I get it. It makes sense. A tooth fairy???? Come on history.



His second tooth is loose. His favorite 2 foods that give him complete, unadultered child joy are king crab legs and corn on the cob. His first loose tooth lost its last leg while eating the corn on the cob. Now, he will not eat it. In fact, he will not bite anything with his front teeth. He is terrified of the second tooth biting the dust. Watching him eat is not a treat. The length he will go to avoid anything touching the tooth is somewhat fascinating, but I do believe that proper table manners are important and he is appearing a savage with the tooth issue. I have explained both gently and with a slight amount of frustration that he will lose it. There is nothing he can do to stop the progression of teeth. Since he is so clearly my child, I understand all of these fears about growing and getting bigger/older, and I have not been able to help him calm his terror of losing teeth. The tooth is starting to turn a color that no one would put in a giant box of crayons and it sticks out at an angle that, were it a limb, would be cast in a pleasant neon shade. This tiny tooth needs to go.


I am not allowed to touch it. This wonderfully tactile child who could be worn on my body like a silk scarf will not allow me to come near it. I have offered to PAY him to let me see how loose it is. He locks down iron jaws when I come near it. I recently had an idea that seems brilliant, yet perhaps crosses the line. For the past 2 nights, I have gone in when he is completely asleep and wiggled the little brown tooth to encourage its exit into a little box where I, as his mother, will keep it safe and cry over it when he hits his delayed puberty.

Is this wrong?

7 thoughts on “Is It Crossing the Line?

  1. Not wrong at all. You are such a great parents and it’s OK to try to help. I have learned at least one thing in my 22 years of parenting, be patient and it will work out. I personally took a long time to learn this lesson so I am passing it on.

  2. I loved this. So glad you are writing more, as you are so good at it! Poor Teddy, I am so glad that you are his mom.

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  3. Poor Teddy – has the tooth fallen out yet? You are the BEST mom 🙂 Once I shaved my son’s mole that had hair growing out of it when he was sleeping…he just couldn’t figure out how that happened!!!

    • There are MANY mysteries as a child, and I leave plenty unsolved, on the table for little people to ponder. He ate the tooth in his sleep. It ended up as a perfect ending as there was no trauma because he woke up and it was simply gone. Easy peasy. The tooth fairy received a Lolli instead of a tooth. Better deal and all…

  4. Let me when the tooth falls out. I kept all the boys teeth they lost in separate envelopes in my underwear dresser drawer. I showed the envelopes to their wives. Their dad (the tooth fairy) gave them the same silver dollar under their pillows and they exchanged it for a dollar bill. Son Tommy who will be 40 on 7/10 insisted his teeth were glued in when Dominic started to loose teeth.Son Joe had teeth at 3 months and 6 by 6 months. Aunt Mary Ann lost her two front teeth when she fell off monkey bars! Maybe Teddy will grow up to be a dentist? Just wait until the darlings might need braces! Hugs to all of you from old Aunt Joan in Iowa.

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