I Am A Bag Lady

Right out of college, I nannied for a fabulous little boy who had an equally fabulous mama.  She was, and still is, who I think of when I think of stylish women.  One day she told me about a Fendi sample/end of season sale and told me I needed to go.  This is the type of employer I enjoy having.  Priorities are priorities.  Walking into the sale for me was the grown up version of being invited to the North Pole.  I didn’t know where to look or walk to first.  There was an entire room full of Fendis that I could afford.  I have had few dreams that rivaled the excitement of that day.  I bought a $1000 bag for $150.  I0 years later, it is still my go to bag for every formal occasion.  It is the best deal I have ever found.


I am a bag girl.  I like bags for all occasions and purposes.  I like having a pile of things that I need for the day and thinking about how to best contain them.  Buying a diaper bag took months as I mentally played different scenarios in my mind.  Pockets, zippers, pouches….it is so exciting to mentally fill these.  Having a baby now, I carry big bags, but one of my most favorite bags I own is a tiny bag that holds my necessities, but keeps my arms and hands free to tell stories as I am incapable of talking without my hands.

purple bag

My Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body bag is perfect for carrying just the necessities, but it still has the bells and whistles that make it interesting to me.  It has 2 outer pockets with brass hardware, and an inner slip pocket for a little extra safe keeping.  It comfortably holds a small wallet, cell phone, pen, gum, and lip gloss.  I can wear it cross body or cinch it up to make it more of a clutch for the evening.  I adore it.  Sadly, they have discontinued it, but while the purple color and hardware drew me to it, the size of it was what made it so wonderful.  The tiny cross body bag is a staple bag to have in your bag arsenal.  I consider it a piece of jewelry that completes your outfit.  Basic black is obviously the safe choice, but since they are so little, a pop of color is much more interesting.  Here are current favorites.  All can be found at Bloomingdales.  Enjoy.

yellow marcMarc by Marc Jacobs




Tory Burch


Vince Camuto

minkoff blue

Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Minkoff

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