The Hair Product That Any Frizzy Haired Girl Must Have

I think back on my 4 short years in New York and marvel at what I considered a normal day. I very seriously and diligently pursued the opportunity to dress up like a giant flower and persuade people to call their mothers in Time Square for Mother’s Day one year. I had to drop off my head shot and wait like every other actor, but I felt like I had an in because the guy hiring worked out at the club where I had my part-time job. It paid $75 for one day. They cancelled the promotion and I was saddened by the loss of potential income. Another time, I auditioned for a regional production of “The Sound of Music” for the role of Maria. I was called back over and over until it came down to me and another girl. She got the part. During the process of auditioning, I was reading the script on a city bus when a man interrupted me and asked if I was an actor. I said yes. He asked if he could give me advice and I said yes again. (My naiveté will pay off in a moment.) He told me I needed to grow my hair out and have a normal color or I wouldn’t work. I was shocked. Could they not just wig me? He said that there was too much talent in the city and directors hire the easiest choice. He was currently working on Broadway in “Kiss Me Kate.” I sent flowers to him at the theater and made a hair appointment to at least color my inch long, white hair.


About 6 months later I went to a big regional casting call and ran into the director from the production of “Sound of Music.” She pulled me aside and said how glad she was that I was growing my hair out because it was the only reason why I did not get the part.  Mental devastation ensued, but I did get multiple job offers from the audition.


My hair and I have been at war since puberty.  It never was smooth, bouncy, and shiny like my high school friends. I have tried a million hair styles and products, convinced each one would change my hair to that perfect look for me. Nope. I have had multiple stylists tell me that the Brazilian blow out would change my dry, frizzy hair world, but I’m terrified it would flatten the 12 strands on my head. Also, you have to wear special gear so you aren’t poisoned during the process, so I pass on this option.

My quest of 20 years has led me to my perfect product, Flawless Macadamia Natural Oil Cleansing Conditioner. This is a 6-in-1 product that cleanses, moisturizes, and keeps your volume all in 1 product.  I have been using it for 6 weeks now and my love affair is going strong.  My hair is far less dry, but my natural volume is the best it has ever been.  Day 2 hair is even better. I can boldly say that I like my hair.  I have received numerous compliments since I started using this product.  I may never have perfect, shiny, bouncy hair, but I now have a bounce in my step while I toss my locks around. It costs about half as much as I would have made dressed as a giant flower, but worth every penny!


Hair Stylists’ Secrets You Need to Know

I have frizzy hair. It is one of my least favorite features. When I was in high school preparing for college, my mother gave me a list of possible essay topics for my applications. One of them referenced my frizzy hair in conjunction with looking like Bette Midler while driving a minivan.

I am second from the left, as if it isn't obvious by the poof.

I am second from the left, as if it isn’t obvious by the poof.

I am still scarred by this. My mom said she just wanted to give me an edge on the applications. Well it gave me something… (She is an incredible mom; this was just the wrong thing to suggest to an insecure teenager. I could do a lot with it now.)

Hair stylists are magicians. Today I have 2 wizards talking about ways to get good (or better) hair. They both have rocked my hair to the perfect shade of blonde. Neither of them live near me right now, which is a HUGE problem in my beauty world. I gave them a list of questions and they are going to share the secrets of their trade with us.

Morgan just won the “Best Stylist in the OC” award. Morgan is a true California girl and her clients reflect it. Her blonde highlights make me look rosier and younger—seriously. Easy, gorgeous waves or surfer sass are butter for her. Morgan herself pulls off pink hair like no one I have ever seen. She might be the coolest girl I know.

Kat is a rocker. She makes me want to cut all of my hair off in hopes of looking as hip. She can look at a picture and then make you look like it. She took my friend from platinum blonde to dark chocolate brown and it was absolutely stunning. She is a true artist and is so much fun to talk with.

What is the best conditioner to fight frizzy hair?
Kat: For a deep conditioner, I love Enjoy’s IRS spray followed by Enjoy’s hair mask. Spray in IRS first, then apply the hair mask on top…UHH-mazing. Rinse it completely out because conditioner WILL attract dirt. (Katie’s side note is that I regularly use conditioner as a styling tool, so I wonder how repulsive my hair is at the end of the day? Hmmm)

Morgan: I am a huge believer in the Brazilian blowout. If you’re scared of chemicals, the deep conditioner and straightening balm are also amazing. Salons should use an air filter for the process, however. I don’t believe it’s harmful in small doses.

Best volumizer?
Kat: For volume, I love Big Sexy Hair Root Pump and Aveda’s volumizing tonic. For the root pump, apply when damp and blow dry. Aveda: dry hair almost completely, then spray at roots and continue to finish styling. The smell is AMAZE BALLS!
Morgan: I tend to just use smoothing products and add volume through styling. If you take a round brush and blow the dryer at the roots in the opposite direction you want it to go, it will create volume. If I use a product, it is a root booster for volume.

Best straightener—both product and/or treatment?
Kat: I love Aveda’s Style Prep and I like Fekai’s glossing treatment to knock out tangles and give crazy shine. My favorite tool is pretty much anything by Babyliss. The warranties and the life of these tools are worth the price. Use your products before and during blow drying your hair, and NOT before flat ironing because it creates steam and can burn and break the hair off.
Morgan: The Brazilian Blowout straightening balm and Bumble and Bumble Straight are my favorite products. Again, the Brazilian Blowout is my favorite! (Katie side note, I have seen her do the blowout and it is amazing.)

How do you style hair to get big, bouncy curls?
Kat: I’m super old fashioned with curls. I know you can get great curls with a flat iron, but I love my curling iron. I like to use a forgiving hairspray with movement before I curl, generously all over the head, curl, clip up, and move to the next section. Also, slice your sections with different sizes and thicknesses.

kat hair
Morgan: Start with a product for hold, like a curl cream. I like to do curls with a blow dryer and a small to medium round brush. The trick is to blow the curl in every direction. For example, roll the hair under, then roll the hair opposite in an upward direction, then sidewas. Finish in the direction you want the hair to fall, and always hold at the end and do a cold shot to set the curl.

morgan hair

How do you talk to a new stylist to get exactly what you want? Are there terms you can use?
Kat: Bring in a picture or two of what you want. Tell the stylist exactly what you like about it and what you DON’T like about it. Be realistic!
Morgan: Some terms you can use are: choppy which means you see the lines of the cut dramatically and hair goes in multiple directions. Wispy, the ends of the hair look soft, fine, and grown out. Soft layers, your hair hair has shape without noticing each layer, very blended with no hard edge. Shattered edge, the ends of the hair look jagged and very piecey. The problem with using terms is that people sometimes don’t say the right one for what they really want. Tell your stylist if you like your hair to fall forwards towards your face, or if you don’t. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t like what you’re seeing, but also know that the cut will go through awkward stages to get to the finished cut.

What are your thoughts on extensions—clip ins or permanent?
Kat: I absolutely think clip in extensions are amazing (Katie side note, me too!!) However, make sure to put them in correctly (Katie side note, you have to practice and use them curly, not straight), take care of them, and buy 2 sets. A big ziplock bag will store them correctly. Practice using them and don’t wear them on the windiest day. (Katie side note, I wore them on an open-air, moving vehicle and the stress caused undue amounts of perspiration.)

Check out this gorgeous ‘Kat’ model with clip in extensions.

Morgan: Extensions are the best invention ever! For non clip in extensions, you can protect your hair if you have them done correctly, take care of them, and have them taken out right. My favorites are the tape in and individual keratin bonded. NEVER sleep on wet extensions. Always wear your hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun to sleep. It will keep them from tangling and damaging. Also very important, do not condition right on the bonds. For the type of hair used, my favorite is the Cinderella brand—individuals and EasiHair-tape-in.

Are at-home highlights ever ok to do?
Kat: I will slap you. This is what teenage girls do while drinking at parties. (Katie side note, both activities are no no’s.) If it’s not in your budget for a full head of highlights, just get a few. 10 professionally done highlights are better than none, or a full head of nonsensical hot spots.

Gorgeous Kat highlights:

kat hair 3
Morgan: Never! It’s always bad, especially highlights! There are so many factors in hair coloring; leave it to the professionals. You could end up with a very expensive trip to the salon.
(Gorgeous Morgan highlights)

morgan hair 3

How do you fake thicker hair?
Kat: A great way to fake thicker has is to actually highlight it. “Damaging” your hair isn’t always a bad thing. It will expand your cuticle and give texture. I also love an amazing pixie cut on finer hair. It’s a great way to get to play with product.
Morgan: Play with product to find one that works for you, and EXTENSIONS!

morgan hair 4

Contact them:
Kat Braby:
Morgan Higgins: Salon Bleu in San Clemente, CA. (949) 366-2060 and (work in progress)

P.S. I did have short hair a long time ago.  Here it is.

short hair