The Grown Up Security Blanket


I have a security blanket. Actually, I have 2. I have a perfectly acceptable adult one, and I have a red, white, and blue one that sits on my bed and has for my entire life. Pat finds it creepy, but I am not ashamed. Anyhoo, the grown up security blanket is today’s little luxury topic. It is a lime green pashmina that I love to touch constantly. The terms pashmina and cashmere are used interchangeably today, but pashmina is a thinner yarn than cashmere. Mine has a touch of silk in it too. (See why I touch constantly?) I learned about this fabulous item back when Gwyneth still ate somewhat normal foods and was photographed wearing her pink one over her pink leather pants, which had split. I have never looked this cool wearing mine, but I do receive compliments EVERY time I wear it—which is daily once the weather drops below 65 degrees. I wore it to work one day and set it on top of my bag. During my presentation, a woman dropped her coffee on it. My actor’s equity card was put to use that day while I pretended it was no big deal but was actually in complete panic mode on the inside. After the presentation, I went flying to the dry cleaner’s, as if my scarf was at death’s door. I was in such a panic they actually refused to “work” on my scarf in fear of not being able to correct it. I washed it with baby wash and all was fine.

This is an item every woman should own. They are SO light weight, yet provide excellent warmth. I use mine as a blanket and a pillow on flights. It has seen every movie I have seen, the pop of color adds to an outfit, it can be worn as a wrap for a dressier occasion, and it provides actual, physical happiness on stressful days. I have been known to stroll through my house with crazy person hair, in my pajamas with this wrapped around my neck.

I know I reference this house of worship often, but Nordstrom sells these year around. They are the $88 “tissue weight wool and cashmere wrap” and they come in every color. Buy one or nicely ask for one for Mother’s day. I am secretly hoping for one in periwinkle.

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