Lazy Days


I am unbelievably lazy in certain aspects of my life.  Lying to myself, I say that I’m impulsive, carefree, or too busy, but really, I’m just lazy.  (The OCD side of my personality would like to clarify that this only pertains to my personal life, not professional.)  Sometimes this falls into the category of my wardrobe.  Now and then I will put together an outfit I really like and wear it day after day.  For work I visited different accounts each day, so this usually worked in my favor. Once in a while, however, I would run into someone two days in a row (usually higher up in the management hierarchy) wearing the same outfit.  My two choices at that point were: 1, acknowledge it with a joke that fails and make all parties uncomfortable, or 2) Don’t acknowledge it and hope the other person does the same, gambling that I am the only uncomfortable one.  I usually chose the first option as I carry the genetic trait of diarrhea of the mouth.

Tee shirts are a staple in my wardrobe with the tiny one, and I have found my newest favorite.  A good tee is like old sheets; you can’t wait to get into it because it is so soft and light as air.  I am OBSESSED with my J Crew Vintage Cotton v-neck tee.  Aside from the softness, here is why it is the best.  The length is fantastic and compliments the slightly slouchy fit.  As the model in the picture shows, a messy, half tucked look is a fresh way to wear a tee.  A tee shirt that is slightly oversized is also slimming, which defies common sense, but try it, it works.  Every time I rock this tee with my pajama pants, Pat asks me if I’ve lost weight.  (It must be a thin tee so it follows your body line without stiffness.)  A v-neck elongates your neckline, slimming your face and helping create a vertical body line, so it’s a more flattering option than a crew.  Try layering it too.  I love the deeper v as it shows just the right hint of cleavage, but you can pop a tank underneath and throw a spring, striped blazer over it and have a fantastic outfit.  Get the neon yellow or orange to start.  Another big surprise is that neon colors make you look tanner, which is helping my overcooked chicken colored skin as I am just too lazy to self tan it.

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