My Favorite Trip

I have desperately wanted to participate in a “USA” chant ever since I saw the movie “Miracle.”  The Olympics fill me with hope, gratitude, and surprisingly, aggression.  My dream came true this past summer when Pat and I attended the Olympic gymnastics trials in San Jose, CA.   I was to the point where it was no longer cute or comfortable being pregnant, but that did not matter.  I dressed in non fashion outfits and waddled close to a mile in 90 degrees plus weather to get to the venue for three days.  Pat lovingly bought me a radio with an over the ear headphone so I could both watch and listen to commentary during the meet.  Basically, I was the opposite of sexy.  On the last day, while we waited for the announcement of the United States’ Olympic gymnastics teams, an impromptu “USA” chant started in the sold out arena, and I fully participated with tears streaming down my cheeks.  It was awesome, and still unsexy.  Pat has it recorded.

What led up to this miraculous weekend for me was an amazing trip up the California coast.  When I am sleep deprived and using spit up as hair texturizer, I take a moment to recall favorite stops along the way.  Pat and I used the “Trip Doc” iphone app and leisurely stopped along the way at places we had been reading about.  If you venture this way, keep these in mind.  They are heavenly.

Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab. 

114 West Branch Street

Arroyo Grande, CA


This is an old fashioned ice cream parlor with millions of choices and all the ambiance you could ask for.  It’s just a short distance south of San Luis Obispo.  The downtown area itself is a gem.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

1010 Broad Street



A tiny, bright, and clean museum on the outskirts of the downtown area.  We went there to see a Robert Burridge exhibit and recommend popping in if you are in SLO.


726 Higuera St

San Luis Obispo, CA


This restaurant was tied for first place for food quality and hands down won for best atmosphere.  It is set along a creek bed with huge loping trees, and the air is filled with the songs of frogs.  It’s absolutely fantastic.  Ask and wait for a table along the creek.


Petit Soleil

1473 Monterey St

San Luis Obispo, CA


Petit Soleil is a charming B&B with complimentary wine tasting each evening.  It has all of the charm of a French B&B and the included breakfast was wonderful.

petit soleil

Coastal Peaks Roasters

3536 S. Higuera St, #250

San Luis Obispo, CA


We had their coffee at breakfast at Petit Soleil and immediately went to purchase it before leaving town.  The locals told us when they are roasting their beans, you can smell it throughout the town.  I highly recommend it used with a French press.  You can order online as well.

Tradewinds Hotel

Carmel, CA


Carmel is a place everyone should visit.  It’s extremely dog friendly, which warmed our hearts, and is cool year around.  The Tradewinds was just outside of the village area, and was just luxurious with a rustic feeling.  They serve cookies at night, which this 3rd trimester girl appreciated.



Carmel, CA


This tied with Novo for food for me and won with Pat.  The atmosphere is cozy and the food, delicious.  Make sure to have dessert, and drink wine even if it’s lunch.


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