It’s a Scary, Hairy Mess. This Helps.

beach spray

My post pregnancy hair loss has started and it is startling.  Yeah, yeah, yeah it supposedly grows back, but there is a possibility that it will not.  Like all other curve balls, I just have to deal with it.  The positive side to this is that I have a fabulous Halloween costume.  I will let my hair air dry, wear nothing but a cape and heels, and go as the scary guy from “Silence of the Lambs.”  My neighbor told me that she saves all of her dog’s hair that she sheds and is planning on having it made into a quilt. I struggled for an adequate response on that one, but now it has me thinking.   Perhaps T would appreciate my hair shed from his birth woven into a small hot pad?  This would be a nice wedding gift for the “something old” portion of the program?

I have settled into a high-low balance on my hair care over the years.  I spend on color, conditioner, and products that really tame the natural frizz, and go low on shampoo (or get it during sales), styling tools and products that I don’t need for my daily look.  One thing I have always wanted was the Bumble and Bumble Salt Spray, but I could not justify buying it.  They promised beachy waves and I wanted them!  I recently found L’Oreal’s Ever Style Beach Spray for $6.99 at my drugstore and decided I would give it a try at that price.  I like it!  You are supposed to go easy on hair when it is in this shedding phase, and there are days when T wakes up early from his nap and straightening is not an option anyhow.  I still need an anti-frizz serum with this, but the waves are great AND it makes my hair look a ton fuller.  I also love the texture it creates because it makes it really great for an updo the next day.  This is a great product to have on hand if you are a curly girl.

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