Quit Diagnosing Your Friends

My father is a physician.  For some reason, I believe that this is a genetic trait I have been given instead of a very learned profession for which I have no qualifications or education.  When I left for college, he sent with me the medications that I needed along with some antibiotics, in case I got sick.  I started diagnosing my friends’ illnesses and handing out my meds.  When I called him for more, he told me that under no circumstances was I allowed to continue this behavior.  I no longer have a stash to pass out (aside from an Ambien or two that I received from my own doctor in California), but I still diagnose my patients.  One of my favorite humans alive and I have spent much time on the internet together discovering the source of an illness or pain.  She will also call me with a diagnosis and I will say things like, “Well did you ask about this medication?  That’s what I would recommend.”  I seem to know about medications.  Perhaps from magazine advertisements?  I was really stumped one time and decided to call my colleague to ponder (i.e. my dad) and there was a long silence.  I assumed this was because he was thinking about the possibilities, but he squared me away pretty quickly about my inappropriateness.

Medications aside, there are so many supplements that truly do enhance your health.  I have a wretched stomach and have been put on so many medications over my life that never helped.  These actually CHANGED the way I live.  So, from Dr. Katie to you, here are supplements that I am never without.

Probiotics: You want live cultures and yogurt does not count.  I have not taken antibiotics in over three years with this program.  If you take antibiotics, you want to FOR SURE take these as they will replace the good bacteria in your digestive tract that the antibiotics kill.  If you have a bum stomach, “The Gut Flush Plan” is a great book, but super embarrassing to carry through the book store, as Patrick told me.  One night after T was born I was afraid I was getting a stomach bug that I would pass along to him.  I took 5 of these and then 5 more a couple hours later and it completely went away.  These might be the best thing I have discovered in my 30’s.

Digestive Enzymes: As you age, you have less and less of these naturally and Dr. Oz taught me that 70% of your immune system is in your gut.  I had been on these for 3 years already.   A healthy immune system keeps you looking better too.

Purified Fish Oil: It’s a wonder supplement.  It does everything from protecting your mind in ageing to keeping your skin pretty.  You want it purified so you do not ingest mercury.

Biotin: Aids in healthy hair and nails.

Pycnogenol: I just learned about this.  It is apparently the next big thing in wrinkle prevention.  It plumps your skin cells back up which decreases wrinkles.  It takes a while to work, but I started it.   I will keep you posted.

Excedrin over Tylenol:  There really is no comparison in which one gets rid of your headache faster. Excedrin does contain caffeine, so be aware of that.  It wires my best friend like a puppy with free reign in a new house.

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