Live Entertainment on a Dime

I promised myself that if I stayed home with T that I would absolutely get dressed every day.  Laugh if you wish, but this had to be stated.  It was a personal, non New Year’s resolution.  The phrase “all dressed up with nowhere to go” usually does apply to my day.  To break out of this catch phrase, I attend UCLA gymnastics home meets.  I consider myself a Bruin now.  I do the 8 clap and the wave if it is started.  I one time had a woman ask me what year I was on the team due to my out of control cheering.  I almost lied—almost.

We have season tickets in the reserved section.  I chose my aisle seats near the vault.  This sounds fancy, but it is actually one of the best deals around.  Each season ticket is only $50 and you get to see 5 home meets!  That is cheaper than a movie ticket these days and each meet is a real life action packed thriller.  UCLA started the pre-season ranked #1 and is consistently one of the top 3 teams each season.  They last won the NCAA championships in 2010 and have 2008’s silver Olympic medalist Samantha Peszek on the team, along with several former national team members.  Good news for fellow gymnastics creepers, 2012 Fierce Five member Jordyn Wieber will be on the team as an assistant coach.  She lost her NCAA eligibility when she went pro, but it will still be a huge boost to have her on the team in any capacity.  Take that Florida!  The meets are thrilling and a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you live near the following universities, check out their tickets too.  All are ranked in the top 25 nationally, but none quite as good as UCLA.

Teams: Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Utah, LSU, Michigan, Florida, Stanford, Denver, and Arkansas.

For ranking info,

Update, I got retweeted by one of the gymnasts today after the meet.  First. Time. Ever.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s as exciting as Beyonce.

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