Jo Malone Bath Oil With a side of Ahhhh

Jo Malone bath oil is a staple in my bathroom. Not only is it fun to use, it looks so gorgeous sitting on your bathroom vanity. When we photographed our home, my Jo Malone oil sat next to a bouquet of Tuberose as our atmospherics. The price is, at first, a little unnerving at $65 per bottle, but it lasts forever! I love that it makes your water slightly foamy and not oily. Bubbles are too cold, but swirly foam is pure heaven.  The scent envelopes the bathroom and is such a treat after a long day of hair pulling and spit up. Add a stack of sophisticated magazines, such as US and OK, and it’s a delightful way to unwind.  Another use: add one pump of it to unscented lotion. If you haven’t mixed scents before, this is a specialty of Jo Malone. I am not a fan of the longevity of their perfume, but the oil lasts all day and makes me so happy. My current fav is Orange Blossom, but the Pomegranate Noir is on my radar as the perfect way to start date night preparation!
Tip: if you don’t have a Jo Malone store near you, make sure you work with the specialist at the department store. They receive training from the company and are true experts. They can also hook you up with fun samples! If you order online, you also get samples with your order. Their best-selling fragrance is Lime Basil and Mandarin, which appealed to me immensely due to the citrus combo. Surprisingly, this is my least favorite fragrance. I do not smell the mandarin; I only smell an old closet with patchouli. But, to each their own; scent is personal. Let me know what you think!

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