How To Make Bathing More Exciting

You should know that I had been catching up on Dexter just prior to this conversation, and the drama had affected my mood ….

Patrick: How much exactly does soap that comes in its own plastic box cost?
Katie: It was an impulse purchase that I blame on Amazon Prime. Let’s never speak of it again!

The soap had cost $20, which is ridiculous for 1 bar of average sized soap, but it is delicious and I love having it. I think about it multiple times per day and inhale its aroma every time I enter my bathroom. I have decided I will only use it on special occasions to make it last longer, as I cannot continue to purchase soap this expensive when I stay home with the tiny one. That special occasion might be I-slept-not-at-all-Wednesday, but the occasions are my own to decide. Patrick is not allowed to use it either. I rarely ask that of products, but I want this puppy to last!
What is this fantabulous product you ask? Hermes. Hermes. Hermes. Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte, to be exact. It comes in a green box and smells like an adult orange. Many fragrances claim to be unisex, which I generally believe to be a cop out for a wussy male fragrance, but this is subtle enough to smell amazing on my husband (before the ban was in place) and is a very sophisticated female scent, with a side of playful citrus.
I found this scent while scavaging in my parents’ house for hair conditioner. They had evidently stayed at some swanky hotel that used Hermes products. (I grilled my mother hard and she cannot remember which hotel). I swiped the shower gel and looked forward to lathering up each day. It took the edge off being a paranoid human in a completely see through glass shower. (There is no escape if someone walks in) When I went to order my own, Amazon only had the little travel sized bottles, so I went for the soap. They are equally wonderful. If you ever buy me presents (Patrick, Mom, unknown future friend), I will take anything in this incredible scent, and lots of it. It is the most perfect summer scent I have smelled.
P.S. The plastic green box is enjoyed daily by the tiny one while taking his nightly bath.


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