A Different Type of “In Da Club”

My brothers and I would work out at a gym with my dad when I came home from college on breaks.  It was an activity I looked forward to because we had passed the age of fighting and I enjoyed my brothers immensely.  To this day, I am desperate to be a part of their bromance duo, but it probably is not going to happen.  I would like to ask them what stunt I can pull to prove I am no longer the tattle tale, goody two shoes sister, but this would just confirm to them that I am not cool enough to be in their club.  They are the funniest people I know and I adore them.  This particular time, one brother went to play basketball with my dad while my other brother and I hit the treadmill.  I always run with headphones on and block out the rest of the world.  A huge, giant thud interrupted me, however, and when I looked over, my brother was a couple feet behind the treadmill in face plant position.  I started laughing, uncontrollably, from the gut.  He looked up with blood on his face, and I still laughed.  (Horrible, I am aware, but instincts are instincts.)  I asked him what happened and he said that he thought he would rest his eyes for a few minutes.  We had family pictures the next day.  My mom was not happy.

I thought of this today because I found some old itunes gems that brought me back to the old days.  They just appeared out of nowhere.  I thought I lost them forever years ago, and magically, they came back!  One of them was Bone Thugs and Harmony’s ‘Tha Crossroads’ which always reminds me of that good old gym.  I am only a hipster when it comes to musical theater (I faked liking Nirvana in high school), but I have some good old boy band and hip hop songs that make your workout better.  I like a strong beat.  I ran an extra 2 blocks today with my playlist back in action.  Go thighs!  I get the clean versions when possible…

Backstreet Boys: The Call

Britney Spears featuring Lil Kim: Gimme More

Busta Rhymes, Mary J Blige, Missy Elliott: Touch It

Destiny’s Child: Soldier

DMX: Where the Hood At (fantastic for a last ditch push)

Eve: Tambourine

House of Pain: Jump Around

Jay Z: Big Pimpin’ (favorite Jay song EVER)

Naughty by Nature: O.P.P

NSync: Girlfriend (Neptunes Remix featuring Nelly)

P Diddy and Snoop: Welcome to Atlanta (Remix)

Tag Team: Whoomp There It Is

P.S. If you know all 3 of us, I’m taking bets on which brother you think bit the dust big time.



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