Pearls of Wisdom, Sort of?

I like to think that I carry myself well, but at times it is a fail.  I have left many an evening where Patrick informed me that my stories were highly inappropriate.  In those moments, I like to think that I have the panache to pull them off, but I usually cringe, pray, and send a vague text the next day to feel out the situation.  Over the years I have observed many women, usually Southern, who remain aloofly cool and wish that I was that way.  I just am not.  Before I attend a ladylike event, I give myself mental pointers.  Some of them include:

  • Remember that being a listener is as important as being a talker.  Everyone gets a turn.
  • Do not tell a story that would embarrass your husband.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Do not drop an F bomb.

I generally at least achieve the not dropping the F bomb point.  Yay!  I bring this up because some of my favorite ladylike accessories are pearls.   I do not endorse them at all with a cardigan twin set, but worn extra casually, they can be fun.  Opposites in dressing are so interesting.  If worn with a twin set, they are expected, but if you wear them with distressed boyfriend jeans, they are absolutely fascinating to me.  I might wonder, “What was she doing to pair these with this outfit?  Was she at the opera and couldn’t be bothered to remove them?”  or “I want to be friends with her.”  Opposites that are so blaringly obvious are fresh.  Why not wear a strand of pearls to run errands?  Things of beauty should not be used only for special occasions.  Pearls are a gemstone that have a very wide price range and timeless.  They are a wonderful gift for a new love or for a relative.  My favorite necklace is made of fresh water, pale pink pearls.   They are not perfectly round, which of course is more interesting to me.  I braid it with another strand of perfect pearls that were my great aunt’s, and gold, raisin-like freshwater pearls, and it keeps me entertained for hours.  The imperfections are the best part.

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