Sweatpants Have Evolved Since Rocky

Let’s call a spade a spade.  Yoga pant is just a fancy word for sweatpant.  It’s like calling a vase a vahz.  Same thing, one just sounds more sophisticated.  (Tip: never use the word vahz around witty brothers who share your talent for mimicking.  It will 100% haunt you for a number of years.)  I get why you should not wear the matching mustard, fuchsia, electric blue, tight at the ankle with tons of stretch and no shape sweats, but sweatpants have EVOLVED.  There are days when you might be sore from a tough workout, exhausted after a long day of work, exhausted from a small child who is a party animal, or had a ‘late’ night.  Nothing is better than sweatpants for those days.  Own it.  You are mentally agreeing with me.  Mila Kunis has been photographed everywhere wearing scary grey things and Ashton is still looking at her lovingly.  Let’s talk about the correct way to own/wear sweatpants.

Lululemon Still pants.  They are the best dang sweatpants ever.  I know a certain artistic lady who even pulls these off as trousers.  They look good on skinny and fat days, are slightly generously sized, and last forever if you hang them to dry.  I have had days where I thought about getting into them the entire day.  I craved them.  You CAN run errands in these.  You CAN sleep in them.  (This has been tested with a positive outcome by BFF.)  You CAN wear them to yoga.  They are happy pants.  Lululemon is expensive; scary expensive at times for clothes bought for perspiration activities, but these are an investment worth it for your calm place. Still pants: $98. www.lululemon.com

still pant

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